First in a Series of Blogs!

The process of buying a home sometimes becomes second nature to Realtors and we tend to forget that theUlster County Map people we are dealing with go through the purchasing of a house a couple times in their lives. My next few blogs will be on the steps to purchasing a home.

Once the decision is made that you will start looking for a home. Most people start searching for homes for sale on the internet. Sites like, Zillow and Trulia, to name a few are fun sites to get a idea of prices and features in the market. You may have a neighborhood in mind, you maybe considering a few area communities or you may be relocating. So the first step is the information gathering stage.

Things to think of are what style home do I like. Do I want a rural, suburban or city location? Will we build a new home or buy a existing home? What features are important to me? Do I want a maintenance free setting of a condo? Do you want privacy? Do we need a pool- or is a pool out of the question? Would a fireplace be great atmosphere or too much of a hastle? There are so many things to consider on this which will probably be the biggest purchase of your lifetime. It helps to start a notebook and prioritize what is essential, what is a want and what is a need.

The first stage in the process is fun. Stay tuned for step 2. What do you think is the next step? If you would like to start this first stage in Ulster County, I can help- Go to my website to