You have been thinking of buying for quite a while now. In we discussed in a previous blog the time before youUlster County Map take action, you are window shopping and had you getting a pre-qualification for a mortgage.

Now you are ready to find a Realtor. You may get a referral from family of friend or you may have a company in mind. You can interview Realtors. Real estate agents in New York State are licensed through the Department of State.  There is extensive training to qualify to be a Real Estate Salesperson. Once that course is completed the salesperson may take further study to qualify to be a Broker. A broker that works in an office of another Broker is an Associate Broker. Real Estate agents must pass a New York State Licensing test to get the salesperson license and another brokers test.

Realtors follow a strict code of ethics- To view the code go to$FILE/R_COE-Pledge-of-Performance.pdf

Once you decide that you have found a good realtor that you feel will work well with, you will be asked what you are looking for. This is where that notebook you started when you were “window shopping” is useful. Discuss with you Realtor all the criteria you have narrowed down to. Give your Realtor a copy of your pre-qualification letter.

When you meet you realtor you may be asked to sign an Exclusive Right to Represent. It is a contract between the Realtor and the buyer to work together to view a prior blog go to New York State Buyers Agency Agreement

 New York State Law also requires an Agency Disclosure. To learn more about the New York State Agency disclosure go to prior blog   New York State Agency Disclosure

Now you are ready to get down to finding that right home. You will visit homes with your Realtor.If you are looking for a Realtor and have no idea who to turn to I would be happy to find a great agent for you. If you are going to buy in Ulster County, New York State in particular Highland NY or New Paltz NY it would be my pleasure to work with you.