Buying a home in Ulster County New YorkUlster County Map- Home Inspection

In our last “Buying a Home in Ulster County” blog we discussed up to the point that your offer was accepted.

When the offer is accepted you are entitled to your due diligence. It is highly recommended that you have a home inspection done by a New York State Licensed Home Inspector.  If you do not know an inspector your Realtor can give you a list of local inspectors that will do a home inspection in Ulster County New York.

Call and interview the inspector. If you are satisfied after speaking to the inspector schedule an appointment.

On the day of the inspection, plan on being at the home. The inspector may tell you to come after he has completed the inspection. At that time the inspector will review what he found during the inspection.

The home will be inspected from top to bottom.  The heating, air condition, electrical system, plumbing, water and septic are all evaluated. The inspector will investigate the condition of the roof, the structure and checks for water leakage. If appliances are included they will be checked. Basically the inspector checks every part of your home. You may request a radon test. In Ulster County New York radon gas is common and can be taken care of easily with a mitigation system.

You will receive a report from the inspector. If the inspection turns up anything that needs to be addressed you can choose to back out of the deal or negotiate with the seller to see if repairs will be made.


We will discuss the contracts in the next “Buying a home in Ulster County New York.