Buying a home in Ulster County New York- Meeting of the MindsUlster County Map

In our last “Buying a Home in Ulster County” blog we discussed up to the point that you submit an offer for a home that you would like to purchase.

The seller can do one of three things. Your offer can be accepted, refused or counter-offered.  There may be some time of negotiation. Your Realtor will negotiate on your behalf. The usual reason an offer is refused are it may be too low, there may be another better offer or that seller is not satisfied with the proof of funds.  Typically, a full price offer of cash that is presented with the proof of funds is the best offer.  There also may be a multiple offer situation where everyone who wants to make an offer are asked for their highest and best offer.

 Once an agreement or “meeting of the minds” is reached the seller will sign the agreement and everything is sent to the seller’s attorney who will make up contracts. In this case this is customary in Ulster County New York. In other areas of New York State the purchase offer is considered the contract of sale.

We will discuss the home inspection in the next Buying a home in Ulster County New York.