Thinking of buying a home in Ulster County NY?

In this series of blogs we are discussing the steps to buying a home in Ulster County New York.

In my last blog we discussed the home inspection. After the inspection is complete and results are either negotiated ot agreed to. The sellers attorney will make up the contract and send it to the buyers attorney. The attorney reviews the contract and meets with the buyer. There may be things in the contracts that the attorney may delete or add. Together the buyers and the buyers attorney review that contract and it is signed. It is at this time that a down payment is given to your attorney. This money is held in escrow by the attorney until the closing.

After the contract is signed it is sent back to the sellers attorney. The changes will be reviewed and the seller and the attorney will meet to go over the contract and if everything is agreeable the contracts are signed!

You are officially in contract. We will discuss the title, the appraissal and the commitment in the next "Thinking of buying a home in Ulster County NY."


If you would like to buy a home in Ulster County New York, especially Highland NY and New Paltz New York call Barbara Carter- you will find a friend in the business who will help you every step of the way when buying a home in Ulster County NY.