The Big Picture: Things to Consider When Planning Your Move


While moving to a new space is undoubtedly an exciting venture, there are many items to keep in mind to help homeowners understand the total cost (both financially and environmentally) of their move.

Did you know that the average move requires - on average - 60 cardboard boxes? And the average person will likely move 11 times in his or her lifetime. That's 660 boxes over the course of your lifetime. All that considered, moving can have a pretty substantial impact on Mother Earth. But when you head to your new home, it's important to consider not only the direct impact packing and moving will have on the environment, but also some of the long-term effects your new community could have.

Think, for instance, of the time you and your family spend out in parks and shops. Do you make concious green buying choices? What about your community? Is green space important to you? How do you get to your destinations? Is there a good public transit system nearby to connect all the places you'll go?

Even if you recycle at your current house, your new home may be in an area that accepts different materials. Be sure to check out the new area's recycling requirements so you know whether or not to bring those 60 cardboard boxes curbside on recyling day! For more great tips on making your move a sustainable one, check out this article from Earth 911.

After the move, if you have boxes you would like to recycle, why not call a local real estate agency to ask if they have anyone who will be moving that would need the boxes. I try to arrange this for clients of mine to help in the move of another while recycling boxes that are no longer needed. Let me know if I can help!