We made it through the April 15th filing of our income tax. What  about your property taxes? Do you ever feel you’re paying too much? You might be! Now is the time to evaluate the assessed value of your home.
When you receive a Notice of Assessment showing your previous assessed value as well as the new value of your property, it may seem like the valuation is wrong. Did you know you have the right to appeal? The appeal process is available to allow property owners the opportunity to dispute the value. This may lead to lower tax bills.
I am always happy to help homeowners assess the value of their property by providing them with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). My custom CMA includes a fact-based portrait of your property, including information such as number of bedrooms and baths, size of rooms, approximate square footage, age of home, and amenities. I  can target the analysis for areas as narrow as one or two streets surrounding your home or the your subdivision.
The CMA can be a helpful tool in the appeal process. You can use the CMA to help grieve the assessor’s valuation, and possibly lower your tax bill. We all need to pay our fair share so lowering the assessment does not guaranty less taxes.
May is the month most local municipalities allow property owners to grieve their taxes. Check with your town for individual dates.