Now is the time to list your home for the spring market.
Are you thinking you will list your home for sale this year? The real estate selling season is fast approaching. There are things that a seller can do to prepare to sell their home.
·        If there is still a mortgage on the home check to see what is owed. Be sure to include any home equity loans in the amount owed. These will need to be paid off at closing before title can be transferred.
·        Check with the municipality to be sure all Certificate of Occupancies are on file. If you did work without a building permit now is the time to report this to the town and request inspection. Items that need a building permit that are often overlooked are adding a deck, a pool or finishing and attic or basement.
·        Interview Realtors. Ask for a Comparative Market Analysis, which most Realtors will do for free. Ask how your home will be marketed. Choose a Realtor that you are comfortable with.
·        Begin clearing out. Start sorting what will be moved with you and what will not. Sell, donate or dispose of items that will not be moved.
·        Start packing away items to scale down the amount of items in a room.
·        Clean, clean, clean. Your home will need to sparkle to attract buyers.
·        Clean closets, yes buyers will look there.
·        Check for odors.
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