When we look a the highly successful people we see a common thread, they pursue their vision, often without financial security, facing long odds they ignore their own self-doubt. When the world tells them “it’s not safe,” they listen to their own voice despite “prevailing wisdom.” They have a vision and they pursue it.  They grasp the gold ring and "go for it".


In the future they get to look back on their life and see the path that lead them to great success. At the time, the path wasn’t easy, yet in retrospect, it looks very much like the only possible path they could take.


I think in twenty years or even ten years, we’re going to see people kicking themselves because they did not buy a home this year. As their teenage sons and daughters graduate, enter the future job market and begin searching for their first home, they’ll turn to their parents and say, “Seriously? You’re telling me when I was in middle school, you could get a 30-year fixed for under 5%?”


Too many people are in fear of the housing market. They seem to know there is tremendous opportunity, but can’t shake the vision of all those who were part of the housing crisis


Yes, there is uncertainty, but this is the best time you’re ever going to see. Take control of your future and buy a home. Those that do will certainly be rewarded with the satisfaction of looking back and realizing they bought at just the right time.


There’s certainly no risk to exploring the opportunity. I’d love the opportunity to sit down with you and plot a possible course to the best investment you could make. Contact me today at Barbara@NewPaltzRealEstate.com or on my cell 845 505 3160.