What is happening in Highland NY to create all the buzz? Why am I so excited to blog about this little town?

For the past few years this little town could not find its way back to the hub of local activity it was in the past. With the coming of age of malls, big box stores and the nation becoming more and more mobile the town like many of its size could not withstand the loss of business and revenue. We are seeing a resurgence of the local community, with folks looking to live in an area with walkability and a strong sense of community. Highland has always had the sense of community and pride in it.

What we locals have known is now becoming evident to visitors who come to the area attracted by the Walkway over the Hudson. The Walkway has far exceeded expectations in the annual visitors and revenue that was brought to the area.

Beyond the revenue, the name recognition and familiarity that is brought to the area is a welcome change. Highland is ready to grow and Quinn Realty Group is ready to help with that growth.

Today’s investment focus is on what was a car dealership. This property has 9W frontage and is on 4.3 acres+/- (more available) and includes a double level building with a large parking lot to the rear and sides. Most recently, the road level building was a car dealership and repair facility. The lower level building was used as a repair and paint shop.

This prime frontage is on the very busy four lane main artery just north of the Mid-Hudson Bridge. There is a center turn lane for easy access into the lot. There is a rear entrance on a smaller town road.

This area of the 9W will be the focus of several blogs. Quinn Realty Group has listed some prime properties in this area and the town. This area, is zoned for retail or offices, with the ability to add residential on the 2nd floor and in the rear. This site has so much potential being a short distance to the town and the Walkway area it is in the center of all the activity. Right now this area has a Mobile gas station, Burger King, local banks, a diner and several other buildings.

To learn more about business opportunities in the area give me a call. At Quinn Realty we can help you find the best location for your next investment.