We all remember the Kermit the Frog crooning, “it’s not Easy being Green”.

That words ring true today with people I talk to. Everyone has a desire to be somewhat “green” in their living. Whether it is to conserve energy, save on utility bills or preserve the planet for future generations. For many it seems like a daunting task to be “green”. Where do you start when you certainly can’t sell your home to purchase new net zero home that returns power back to the grid.

Green is not all or nothing. You can be environmentally conscious by doing small things, each small thing adds up. Retrofitting an existing home is costly but replacing items with eco-friendly choices is a start.

Buying new CFL light bulbs one at a time seems easier than replacing the entire house with CFL’s. When replacing appliances, heating and air condition units, look to energy star choices. Repaint and replace carpets with non-toxic replacements. Over time the savings will add up. 

Kermit was right, it is not easy being green but with consideration to reduce, reuse, recycle and replace over time the we will all be “Green”.