The New Paltz area is a haven for the creative individuals--artists, designers, photographers, screenwriters, craftsmen, dancers, musicians and actors.  Many city dwellers find that New Paltz is a perfect weekend destination where they can get away from the hustle and bustle, be inspired by nature and still find a vibrant and eclectic arts scene.  Some of the neighboring areas like High Falls, Rosendale, Woodstock and Kingston also boast a thriving artistic environment. 

Several publications have celebrated the artistic and intellectual climate of New Paltz.  In fact, Business Week named Ulster County as the #5 Best Place for Artists in the US, ahead of major metropolitan cities like San Francisco.  Furthermore, Newsweek named SUNY New Paltz as one of the 25 Hottest Small State Schools.  A socially and environmentally minded population, a beautiful backdrop with fields and mountains, a wealth of diversity and close proximity to New York City make New Paltz a desirable place to live or visit. 


We specialize in finding perfect full-time or weekend residences for artists in the New Paltz area.  Feel free to contact us with questions.  We’d love to have you become be a part of our thriving and diverse New Paltz community!