Purchasing a Historic or Older Home can Have Challenges


There are some truly majestic older homes for sale in the Hudson Valley. While it’s easy to fall in love with the presence and charm these homes command, you may find yourself feeling a little anxious about the prospect of owning one. You’re not alone! Many buyers worry about maintenance, upkeep, and other unknowns that can go with older or historic homes.


If you’ve always dreamed of owning one of these unique houses, there’s a lot I can do to help you confidently purchase one in just the right condition. Having represented sellers and buyers of older or historic homes in the past, there are steps we can take together to help eliminate surprises and secure a fair price.


First, it’s important to understand the difference between an older home and an historic home. Historic homes are considered to be architecturally significant by local historic boards or the National Register of Historic Places. An historic home will often have some restrictions placed on how it can be renovated, repaired, or improved. Many older homes which are not considered historic will not face the same guidelines.


I have a process for helping buyers navigate an older home purchase. Some of the ways we can mitigate risk and secure a beautiful older home include:


  • Thorough inspection, especially for any lead and asbestos
  • Negotiating a home warranty with the seller
  • Securing past utility bills for power, gas, water, and garden/lawn upkeep
  • Documentation of electrical and plumbing modernization
  • Determining accurate market pricing based on recent sales of older homes
  • Compiling a list of contractors familiar with the home’s repair history 


Don’t let fear of the unknown dictate your home buying decision. Let’s explore that older or historic home option together!