“Where will we put all our stuff?”

This is one of the questions on homeowners’ minds when they’re making a move. If you are downsizing for a more comfortable retirement, “stuff” can cast a big shadow. To lighten the burden before the big day, it can be helpful to “rightsize” for your move far in advance. Right sizing will save you time, money, and energy as you transition to a new home. It can also help you learn how to decide what you need versus what you’ve been hanging onto for no good reason.


If you know you are down sizing you know that some things must go. But how do you winnow the pile? Here’s a set of criteria you can use to right size your possessions:


1. Is this right for the weather? If you’ve lived in places with severe winters and you’re moving to a warmer climate, let it go.


2. Is this right for the lifestyle? Your outdoor grill and patio furniture may be a waste if you’re settling into a city high-rise. The same can be for a second car or recreational vehicle.


3. Is this expensive to move? Some items cost more to move than replace. This is especially true if the item forces you to upgrade the size of your moving truck.


4. Is this something I use? If you have items you have not used in six months or a year, you don’t need to transport it to your new space. 


5. Is this going to look out of place? Sometimes a new house will make old furnishings and objects seem tacky or trashy. Imagine where you’re going to move it and see if you can do without.


When something should go, it’s a matter of deciding if it’s a “sell,” “donate,” or “ditch” item. While the income from selling items may be appealing, be sensitive to how much time you have before the move. If time’s short, gifting items to friends, charity, or even the dump is a reasonable way to go. 


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