Labor Day weekend has always been the bittersweet end to summer.

As a child, my family always had vacation the last two weeks in August. I loved the time spent with my family. The summers seemed so long and boring. Looking back they were really the best of times spending time just being a kid, climbing trees, packing lunches and spending the entire day in our playhouse or sleeping in the hammock enjoying the silance and gentle breeze. I couldn't wait to get back to school.

When my daughters were school aged I was the only parent on the block that was so sad to see the summer end. I loved having Heather and Becky home. Our house was often the neighborhood hangout and I loved it. As a parent I felt that all was right with the world as long as we were together. I still get a sick feeling thinking about letting them go. I was luck to be a stay at home mom so I did not have the hassle of babysitters and the like.

Today Labor Day is not as emotional as it was in the past. It is what it is. I love the fall. I love attending the grandkids soccer or football games. The crisp air is refreshing. Second homebuyers flock to our area to leaf peep and look for the perfect second home in the Hudson Valley. Fall is a great time- but what I really want to know is how summer flies by so quickly!

Happy Labor Day