There’s a myth in real estate that the market doesn’t heat up until the spring. It’s this myth that leads so many homeowners to plan on listing their home in the spring with an eye on being settled in a new place in the late spring or early summer.


The truth is, spring begins January 2nd! With so many homes flooding the market in the spring months, there can be a real strategic advantage to listing your property at the beginning of the new year. People buy year round, and if you prepare your home to list in the winter, you’ll find it’s that much easier for your property to stand out. Buyers now do their home shopping online. Using my website, as a barometer, I know that when the weather is bad, late at night, or on holidays, internet users are surfing the web looking for homes. Now with the common use of iPads, iPhones and other technology home shopping is easy any time any place.


If you’d like help getting a jump on the traditional spring seller market, I would be happy to get you on the right path to preparing your home for sale today. Having a head start on the competition is a prudent way to position your home at a premium price. 


Let’s have a conversation about getting your spring started this winter!