What is your investment? Do you diversify? Stocks? 401K, an annuity? Big or small we all invest in something. Money or time you are invested. You may be invested in a commitment, your kids, a project, well you get the idea.  There is a tremendous opportunity to invest in many different ways the Mid-Hudson Valley right now.

We tend to think of investments as places we put our money to grow. If you follow the economy at all the news can be discouraging. Over the past few months I have heard many investors say the same thing when they decide to purchase real estate, “Where else can I put my money right now?” Good question.

Most investors in Commercial Real Estate are professionals, the thing that matters is the numbers, it is all business. At Quinn Realty Group we service all investors and find the investment that best suits their goal. Right now, we have an untapped opportunity in the Mid-Hudson Valley with the growth of the Walkway Over The Hudson. It is an area where serious investors will be looking to capitalize on the growth in Highland and Poughkeepsie  New York regions.

Multifamily units are of interest to some investors.  The rental market is booming. Popular areas to invest in rental income property are college towns such as New Paltz and Gardiner NY. Beyond the typical student rental the area is a popular destination for renters who want to live in the area, vacation rentals, professors and college staff. The natural beauty of the area and local arts and activities make the New Paltz area ever popular.

Ok- so if you are what we call an “Investor” call me and I will help you reach your goals.

But what if you are not a professional investor? You still want to invest in something, right? This weekend my husband and I were at “our investment”. We own land in the small town of Butternuts NY. It is 27 acres of which ½ is meadow and ½ is forest. When we purchased it we invested in our enjoyment. We love the land and are slowly making it our own. We have built a pond which we are stocking with fish. My husband is a hunter. He looks forward to the fall and spring bow season and gun seasons. We cherish the earth and the beauty of nature. The land is our investment. Yes we have the IRA’s and the traditional investments but our unique investment is the most important. It is an investment in us and our well-being.

Currently, I have listed for sale great investments for someone to live out their dream. Whether a hunter like my husband, a farmer, a chef dreaming of a banquet hall, entrepreneur looking for commercial investments, we understand. Please call Barbara Carter 845-505-3160. When you ask yourself, “Where can I put my money right now?” let’s consider all the possibilities in the New Paltz area of the Mid-Hudson Valley and the Walkway Over the Hudson. 

What is your investment?