I think you’d probably agree that the worst investing advice in the world is: Buy high, sell low.  That’s the very definition of losing money on an investment, right?

So let me ask you: Why would you wait for the housing market to improve before buying a house?

I understand there’s a lot of uncertainty out there. Job security is questionable, unemployment is high, and you’re not sure what it takes to get pre-approved for a home loan.  It’s scary.  But here’s the thing: Letting fear dictate your financial strategy for the future is a guaranteed way to pay too much for a house in the years to come.

Put fear aside for just a moment.  Here are some facts:

         - Interest rates are at or close to historic lows

         - Prices for homes have plunged to the lowest levels we’ve seen in a generation

         - Bank and government-owned property inventory is at an all-time high

         - Rents are rising and rental inventory is shrinking (limited rental options!)

Shouldn’t you, rather than your landlord, be the one who benefits from owning a home?  Right now is the “buy low” in the “buy low / sell high” cycle. Every day I help renters explore their purchasing power.  You might be surprised just how qualified you are for home ownership.

If you’re curious simply contact me through my website and I’d be glad to have a no-obligation conversation about how you could own your own home.